Two Chicks Quilting’s Complete Guide to Aurifil

It’s no secret that we’re BIG fans of Aurifil thread at Two Chicks Quilting.  From piecing and sewing projects to longarm quilting and embroidery, Aurifil is a high-quality thread for any stitching situation you can dream up. Let’s go over all the different types of threads Aurifil has to offer, their uses, and even some tips to make your stitching go smoothly. 

One of the distinguishing features of Aurifil threads is the color-coded spool system, which helps users quickly identify the weight and type of thread they need. The spool colors range from light pink (for the thinnest thread) to dark brown (for the thickest thread), and each color corresponds to a specific weight or thickness. Additionally, Aurifil offers a variety of thread types, including cotton, wool, polyester, and nylon, all of which are available in different weights and colors.

Cotton 12 wt

Number of Colors: 270

Spool Color: Red

Aurifil’s 100% Cotton 12wt/2ply thread is the heaviest weight thread in the collection. It works well for hand embroidery, hand quilting, cross stitch, machine embroidery (especially for designs that use a longer stitch length), and art quilting. When using this thread in your machine, we recommend pairing it with a thinner thread in the bobbin, such as our 40wt. And if you’re using your longarm, remember to quilt slowly, use a longer stitch length, and apply silicone conditioner as needed. 




Cotton 28 wt

Number of Colors: 270

Spool Color: Grey

Aurifil’s Cotton 28wt/2ply thread is the second heaviest weight thread in the collection. From double strand cross stitch to blanket stitch, hand appliqué to machine quilting, this thread has you covered. Use it with a 90/14 topstitch, quilting, or denim needle. If you’re using it on a longarm, use a slightly slower speed, especially on curves.





Cotton 50 wt

Number of Colors: 270

Spool Color: Orange

Aurifil’s 50wt/2ply thread is their most popular thread. It produces flat and crisp seams, making it ideal for piecing, English Paper Piecing, needle turn, or machine applique. We like using needle sizes such as 80/12 microtex/sharp, universal, quilting, or denim needles in our domestic sewing machines or with size 16 needle in a longarm.  

*These are our most popular colors for piecing #2600 & #2311– great neutrals that work for almost all colors of fabrics.  We advise keeping more than one of each on hand- these are always the first to sell out! 


Cotton 80 wt/2 ply

Number of Colors: 88

Spool Color: Cherry Wood


The Cotton 80wt/2ply thread is a newer addition to the Aurifil family of threads, introduced in 2016. It works great for English Paper Piecing, hand applique, machine embroidery, machine applique, free motion quilting, free motion couching, and more. We like to use a 70/10 or 80/12 microtex/sharp or embroidery needle and 80 wt thread in the bobbin. Whenever you’re using this, or any thread for hand sewing, make sure you use a short length of about 12”-18” to reduce tangling and breaking. 





Cotton Forty3

Number of Colors: 73

Spool Color: Yellow Cone

This 40wt, 3ply thread is designed specifically to handle the demands of high-speed, high-tech longarm machines. It combines the versatility and vibrant colors of the original 40wt thread with added strength. It’s not only for longarming, it works well for garment sewing, bag-making, and domestic machine sewing. We like to use 90/14 or 100/16 topstitching needles, with 50wt thread in the bobbin, to ensure smooth and precise stitching. Longarm users can also use size 16 longarm needles with 50wt thread in the bobbin.






Number of Colors: 270

Spool Color: Wooden Spool

The 6-strand 100% Cotton floss, or Aurifloss, is a great choice for various embroidery and needlework projects. The 18 yard spools are well-suited for hand embroidery, punch needle projects, and big stitch quilting. We don’t have a specific needle recommendation for Aurifloss; your needle will depend on the specific project, so it’s important to match the needle according to your needs. 







Whether you’re working on a quilting project, diving into hand embroidery, or doing longarm quilting, Aurifil has a thread that’s perfect for your needs. Explore the world of Aurifil on your next visit Two Chicks Quilting and get inspired by the endless creative possibilities!