Top Notions We Use on Our Personal Projects

It’s a blessing to get to work each day with gorgeous fabrics, top-of-the-line sewing machines, and high-quality notions. Investing in quality tools and notions is just as important for quilters and sewists as it is for mechanics! Completing a task efficiently and effectively contributes to the overall quality as well. In today’s blog post we are highlighting three top tools we use everyday at Two Chicks Quilting for work and at our homes for our personal creative pursuits!

Karen Kay Buckley’s 6″ Medium Perfect Scissors feature a micro serrated blade that keeps fabric from slipping so cutting is more accurate, helps to prevent frayed edges and cuts four to six layers of cotton fabric easily. Perfect for left or right-handed use and you can protect the point with the included protective plastic cover. There is also a 4” Small size available.These must be the scissors all the “Don’t touch my fabric scissors” memes are about! 

Get ready for roundabout quilting with Martelli’s Round-About 3-Piece set! The set includes a Round-About base that rotates on ball bearings, a 12” diameter cutting mat (17” is also available), and an iron top. Both the cutting mat and iron top feature our get-a-grip material to keep your work in place. Additionally, the material in the iron top reflects heat back onto the material you’re ironing to press both sides at once. Note: When using the iron top with the Round-About, be sure to remove the cutting mat. The heat from the iron can warp the cutting mat.

The ErgoCutter is the only truly ergonomic rotary cutter. It is held in a natural position, with your arm and palm evenly distributing the pressure. If you frequently experience pain and fatigue in your hand, arm, and shoulders after a full day of cutting, this is the tool for you! The Ergo Cutter’s research and development was guided by the advice of orthopedic surgeons, occupational therapists, and other qualified professionals to make the best, most effective tool. In addition to being ergonomical, the ErgoCutter is also a fantastic rotary cutter. It cuts perfect lines and angles, and the blade guard closes with a flip of a finger. Their blades are made to last 3-5 times longer than typical rotary blades. These cutters are available in both right and left handed as well as 45mm and 60mm. 

We totally recommend these items from a professional and personal perspective. If you have questions about these items, come on in to the shop or visit our Friends of Two Chicks Quilting Group on Facebook. If you’re looking for a birthday gift or holiday gift for a quilter or crafter, these are three great ideas! Add them to your wish list today!