Tools to Help Make Half-Square Triangles

Half-square triangles are a basic unit for quilting. They’re in countless blocks, and knowing how to make one makes your quilts go together like a dream. Having half-square triangle units that aren’t square however, makes putting your quilt top together more of a nightmare. We’ve put together our picks to make your next half-square triangle quilt easy, quick, and with perfectly matched points.

Quilter’s Magic Wand

The Quilter’s Magic Wand is a ½” wide ruler with an etched line running down the middle. Simply align the etched line along the diagonal on the wrong side of the square, and you can quickly and accurately mark your ¼” seam to stitch along.

Frixion Pens

Whether you use the Quilters’s Magic Wand or not, marking your half-square triangle units is easier with a Frixion Pen. A Frixion Pen’s ink disappears with the heat from your iron. So as you press your half-square triangle units you can rest easy knowing that your marked line simply fades away.

Tucker Trimmer

We are big fans of all the Studio 180 and Deb Tucker rulers, and the Tucker Trimmer tool is a great tool for our half-square triangle toolkit. It’s marked with multiple diagonals to allow you to align ruler guide lines with seam lines to quickly locate the exact center of pieced units. This makes trimming down your half-square triangle units easy, precise, and perfect every time.

Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmers

The Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmers from New Leaf Studios are an easy, efficient, and accurate way to square-up your half-square triangles. And no dog ears on those units! To use your Slotted Trimmer, align the seam of an unpressed half-square triangle with the dashed lines and quickly and easily trim all four sides. 

Sew Straight Laser Vision Guide from Brother

Never lose this handy half square triangle notion because it’s built into your machine. Brother designed its exclusive Sew Straight Laser Vision Guide to make it easy for quilters and all stitchers to sew straight lines. You won’t need to mark your units, the laser will guide you! Straight Line Laser Vision isn’t available on every model, it’s considered an upgrade. Our favorite machine that has Laser Vision is the Brother BQ 3100. Come in the shop and see why!

However you make your half-square triangles, we’re sure that one of these notions will make them easier and faster for you. And if you need a little extra help, make sure to stop by Two Chicks to find even more notions, tips, tricks, and quilting expertise.

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