The Art of Sewing Machine Maintenance

The importance of caring for your sewing machine.

The holiday season often brings about a whirlwind of creativity as we frantically complete handmade projects to gift our loved ones. Now that the dust has settled and the last ribbon has been tied, it’s time to turn our attention to an often-neglected but crucial aspect of our sewing practice: machine maintenance. Whether you are a proud owner of a Bernina, Brother, Janome, or Handiquilter, let’s ensure our trusty companions are in top-notch condition for the projects ahead!

Much like any other mechanical device, regular care and attention to your sewing machine can make a world of difference in its performance and longevity. Here are some things to consider for regular machine maintenance at home:

Clearing the Debris

The aftermath of holiday sewing can leave your machine with a generous sprinkling of fabric scraps and lint. Take a moment to thoroughly clean the nooks and crannies. Remove the needle plate and clean out any accumulated lint. Use a small brush to clear dust from the feed dogs and bobbin case area. We carry several options for brushes.

Fresh Needles, Fresh Start

With the intensity of holiday sewing, your needles have likely seen their fair share of action. Start the new year and each new project with a fresh needle. Not only does this improve the quality of your stitches, but it also reduces the risk of fabric pulls and skipped stitches. Check out our selection of needles.

Oil for Smooth Sailing

Just like us, sewing machines need a bit of TLC to keep everything running smoothly. Some domestic machines require oiling and some do not, consult your machine’s manual for oiling instructions and lubricate the recommended parts regularly. This simple step can make a world of difference in the machine’s overall performance.

Tension Check

The holiday rush may have led to frequent thread changes and adjustments. Check your machine’s tension settings and make any necessary tweaks. Ensure that the thread is correctly seated in the tension discs, providing a solid foundation for your future projects.

Bobbin Basics

The bobbin, often overlooked, plays a crucial role in stitch formation. Clean the bobbin area, ensuring it’s free from lint and debris. Consider replacing bobbins that show signs of wear to prevent tension issues and thread snags.  Always make sure that you are using the correct bobbin that your machine requires, not all bobbins are the same.

Review and Reflect

Reflect on the projects you tackled during the holiday season. Were there any persistent issues? Now is the time to address them. Whether it’s perfecting your machine’s tension or mastering a specific stitch, taking the time to fine-tune your setup to ensures improved sewing function in the future.

A Cozy Resting Place

If your sewing machine will be taking a short break, consider covering it with a dust cover or storing it in a protective case. This simple step safeguards your machine from dust and keeps it ready for action when inspiration strikes, again.

If your machine is ready for a spa day in our service department here are reasons why it’s important to ensure that your machine receives professional servicing.

Comprehensive Inspection

Our sewing machine technicians are trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of the internal mechanisms of various machine models. They provide a thorough inspection, identifying and addressing issues that may not be apparent during routine at-home maintenance.

Internal Cleaning Deep Cleaning

Our servicing involves more in-depth cleaning of internal components that may not be easily accessible to you at home. Technicians can disassemble parts, clean out accumulated dust, lint, and debris, and ensure that all components are in optimal condition. When dropping off your machine for service please remember to bring the following parts with it:  power cord, foot pedal, zig-zag foot, bobbin, embroidery module and hoop if applicable.

Adjustments and Calibration

Our team can make precise adjustments to the timing, tension, and other critical settings that may require specialized tools. These adjustments contribute to smooth and precise stitching, improving the overall performance of your sewing machine.

Replacement of Worn Parts

Over time, certain parts of your sewing machine may wear out. Professionals can assess the condition of components like belts, gears, and motor brushes and replace them if necessary. This proactive approach prevents unexpected breakdowns.

Optimizing Performance

Most brands suggest having your machine serviced by a certified technician yearly.  If you sew daily or do a lot of embroidery or quilting where you are putting lots of time on your machine you may want to discuss having service a little more frequently.  Professional servicing ensures that your sewing machine operates at its peak performance. This is especially important for those who rely on their machines for intricate or high-volume sewing projects.

A well-maintained machine is not just a tool— it’s a reliable partner on your creative journey. By investing time in regular care, you not only ensure the longevity and performance of your sewing machine but also enhance the quality of your creations. Our service department can service any brand of machine and will be happy to answer any questions you have concerning specific needs for your machine. 

We provide the option of having an appointment if you are located more than an hour’s drive from Two Chicks Quilting, if this is the case please call the shop and set an appointment with our Service Manager, Billy Graham.  With an appointment your machine can be serviced while you shop however if your machine is in need of repairs or parts we do not have in stock you will have to come back for pickup.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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  1. What a great overview of sewing machine maintenance! It’s so important to take good care of these machines, both for optimal performance and longevity. Things like precise calibration and worn part replacement make total sense for keeping machines running at their best. I appreciate all the specific tips too, like checking tensions after a busy period of sewing. It’s reassuring to know Two Chicks offers such knowledgeable servicing. Regular maintenance clearly makes such a difference. Thanks for the valuable reminders

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