How to Shop Our Live Videos – And Get the Deals First

We know you know about our website,, or you wouldn’t be reading this, but have you seen our Two Chicks Quilting app? We partner with a company called Comment Sold to create our very own app that lets you shop our live videos. It’s all the fun of coming to the shop without having to leave your house and comfy pants behind. 

Two Chicks Quilting App screenshot

There are two ways to get started and shopping from our videos; you can either download the app from the App store or you can start with watching a video, then typing “Register” in the comments. You’ll get a message with a link to set up your cart. Fill it out, then hop back on to start shopping with us.

CommentSold Screenshot

The video set up makes it really easy to keep track of what we’re selling and talking to you about. 

  • There will be a banner above our head saying “Comment Sold” and a number after it. If you type in the comments “sold” and that number, voila! It will be added to your cart.
  •  If you want multiples of an item, two yards off of a bolt for example, you’ll have to comment “sold” and the number more than once. So for two yards you would comment twice. For quick reference, there is a bubble with a picture and the price in the top right to see which item we’re on and how much it is. Once an item is in your cart you have two hours to check out. If you wait longer than that, your cart will clear out and the items will go to the next person in line. 
  • The other side of that is if you see something you want and it sells out before you can get it, there’s a chance someone else will take it out of their cart or won’t check out in time to actually purchase it. 
  • We keep shipping at a flat rate of $10, but if you spend over $100 shipping is free.


We also like to keep it fun and throw in an extra every now and then. Watch for our theme days like Wacky Wednesdays, and even some little giveaways for Chicks’ Cash. We may even have add-ons like border kits or backings for kits shown in a previous video. 

And don’t worry if you missed an earlier show, we keep the video up on our Facebook page and in the app so you can replay it and shop directly from the saved video.

What are you waiting for?! Go get the Two Chicks Quilting app on Google Play or Apple to start shopping!

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