Precut Fabrics for Quilting

Precut fabrics are a magic ingredient for quilting that can save time, add variety, and spark creativity. These perfectly curated bundles of fabric offer endless possibilities for your next quilting project and there are plenty of books and patterns dedicated to creating beautiful quilts with precuts. But do you know your charm pack from your jelly roll? Let’s go through the types of precuts you can find at a quilt shop.

What are Precuts?

Precut fabric packs are precisely cut bundles of fabric pieces, typically of a single fabric line. They come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from squares and strips to rolls and bundles. As each pack contains coordinating fabrics from a particular fabric collection, they make it easy to mix and match as you build your quilt blocks. 

Types of Precut Fabric Packs

Charm Packs: These are packs of 5-inch squares, usually containing around 42 pieces. Charm packs are great for small projects, patchwork, and sampler quilts. They’re also called Nickel Packs.

Jelly Rolls: Jelly rolls consist of 2.5” by width of fabric strips, typically 40-42 strips per pack. Perfect for strip piecing, there are tons of great patterns for jelly rolls. Also called Roll Ups, Bali Pops, and Rolie Polies.

Layer Cakes: Layer cakes contain 10” squares, usually around 42 pieces per pack. They offer versatility for larger blocks, applique, and showcasing large-scale prints. They’re also called 10 squares or Dime Packs.

Fat Quarters: While not exactly a precut, fat quarters are quarter-yard cuts of fabric, usually measuring 18” x approximately 21” – 22”. A fat quarter bundle generally refers to a stack of fat quarters containing all the fabrics from one line. 

Fat Eighths: Just like the fat quarter bundles, a fat eighth bundle isn’t exactly a precut but we wanted to include it in the list. A fat eighth is 9” x approximately 21” – 22”. A fat eighth bundle contains all the fabrics from one line.

Mini-Charm Packs: Mini-charm packs are smaller versions of charm packs, containing 40-42 2.5” squares. They’re ideal for miniature quilts, patchwork, and small-scale projects. Mug rugs, anyone?

Tips for Working with Precuts

Plan Your Project: Many precut patterns call for two matching precut packs of fabric. So before diving in, take some time to plan your fabric placement and determine how you’ll use the precut fabrics. 

Embrace Scrappiness: If you love the scrappy look but feel overwhelmed at the choices, a precut pack is a great start. Since precut fabrics contain a variety of prints and colors, don’t have to be afraid to mix and match to create your scrappy look. 

Use Efficient Quilt Patterns: While precuts save time on cutting, patterns designed for precuts will be the most efficient for utilizing your fabric and minimizing waste. Consider looking for patterns and books specifically designed for precuts.

Precuts offer convenience, versatility, and endless creative possibilities for your quilts. The next time you’re planning a quilt, stop by Two Chicks Quilting and find the perfect precut!

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