Give the Gift of Quilting

We know you love quilting. We know you create beautiful, handmade treasures for your home or to give as gifts. We know you use it to relax and de-stress. We know that you make sure quilting is a social activity, getting everyone together to go to shows and shops and stitch. And we for sure know that quilting is a great way to exercise your creative muscles and make pretty things.

But do your friends know?

The Chicks Pick Starter Pack

Two Chicks Quilting is here to help! This year we’ve put together a bunch of options to give the gift of quilting. We’re calling it the Chicks Pick Starter Pack. Our picks include a machine, a beginner quilt kit, our favorite tools and goodies your friends have got to have to make their stitching dreams come true. It’s also a great starter set for kids learning to sew!

The Chicks Pick Starter Pack

Brother Beginner OR Travel Machine-Pacesetter PS300T 

This machine is perfect for any beginner just starting out or even an advanced quilter looking for a smaller travel machine. It has an easy-to-use needle threading system with a press lever that pushes the thread through the eye of the needle. Easy to navigate stitches,Length and Width , and the type of pressure foot to use. There are 100 Built in Stitches, 8 button holes, and 1 sewing font. This machine also includes a wide table, cording foot and a zipper foot. 

Beginner Quilt Kit

This Beginner Quilt Kit includes our favorite and easy to read Villa Rosa pattern, fabric, and binding to complete a quilt top. 

The Olfa Start to Quilt Kit

The Olfa Start to Quilt Kit has all of the fun tools and pieces you need to make that quilt a reality! It includes a 12″ x 18″ Olfa self-healing cutting mat, a 9.5″ x 9.5″ non-slip ruler, 45mm ergonomic rotary cutter, and a 45mm rotary replacement blade. 

And if you’re looking at getting the gift of quilting for yourself and all of that sounds like we’re speaking a foreign language, we’re including a coupon for 25% off a beginner sewing or quilting class for 2023. That way you, or your friend, can jump right in and learn the tips, tricks, and lingo without any worries.

We’re unable to ship machines, so you do need to purchase this in the shop! We have special Christmas pricing happening for the Chicks Pick Starter Pack this month, so give us a call to add the gift of quilting, and probably a new quilting best friend, to cart!


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