A Longarm Is More Affordable Than You Think

Whenever we have someone come in to look at the longarm machines at Two Chicks, their biggest surprise is this.

I can actually save myself money if I have a longarm at home.

That’s not what you were thinking, was it? Longarms have changed a lot since they entered the quilting world, and the cost of having your own longarm has changed a lot with them. Here are our top reasons why owning your own longarm machine might be more budget-friendly than you think!

Bye-bye Outsourcing Costs

We’re not going to deny it, the initial price tag of a longarm might seem hefty, but so is buying any new sewing machine. But have you ever calculated how much you spend sending your quilts to a professional longarm quilter? It adds up, right? But with your own longarm machine, you can say goodbye to those outsourcing costs forever and hello longarm savings!

Craft Your Heart Out, for Free

You’re itching to add a personal touch to your quilts with custom designs, but you’re worried about the extra fees. Thread changes, rulerwork, that extra work to have your quilt exactly how you want it means additional charges or compromising so you don’t spend as much. With your very own longarm machine at home, you’re the boss of your creativity—all without spending an extra dime.

Turn Passion into Profit

Guess what? Owning a longarm quilting machine isn’t just about quilting for yourself. Many quilters turn their passion into profit by offering their services to others. It’s a win-win: you get to quilt to your heart’s content and make some extra cash on the side!

Quilting, No Waiting

Let’s talk convenience, shall we? No more waiting for appointments or waiting for your quilt to come up in the quilting queue. What about those last minute projects?! We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been able to whip up a baby shower present in an afternoon because we have a longarm at home. Once your longarm is right in your sewing space, you’re in control of when and how you quilt. 

Creative Freedom

There’s something special about the feeling of satisfaction when you complete a quilt entirely on your own. With your own longarm quilting machine, you’re the captain of your quilting ship, you make the decisions so that your quilt is exactly how you wanted it from start to finish. 

While buying a longarm quilting machine might seem like a splurge, the long-term savings and sheer joy it brings make it a no-brainer for any quilter given the opportunity. And you know you’ll get the best service and education when you come to Two Chicks Quilting; we’ve won the HQ Way Award every year since we started selling Handi Quilter in 2019! Come by Two Chicks Quilting and try out our longarms to give your sewjo a boost—without breaking the bank!

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