108” Quilt Backs at Two Chicks Quilting

We’ve all been there. We’re excited and feeling so accomplished to finish up a quilt top, but then reality sets in. There’s more seams! There’s been plenty of times where we’ve found ourselves wrestling with giant swathes of yardage to piece quilt backs and thought that there has to be a better solution. Then we remember, 108” wide fabric is perfect for quilt backs! Quilt backing, widebacks, fat backs, whatever you call them, they’ve been steadily gaining popularity among quilters for years now and for excellent reasons. 

Let’s jump into why using 108″ wide fabric for quilt backs is a better solution for making your quilts.

A selection of wide back fabrics available at Two Chicks Quilting. One 108" wide back fabric bolt is pulled out and has a shorter bolt in front of it.

No Piecing Required!

One of the most significant advantages of using 108″ wide fabric is that, for most quilts, a wide back is plenty big enough to cover the entire back of your quilt top without the need for piecing. Say goodbye to the frustration of aligning and sewing multiple pieces of fabric together to achieve the right size. With 108″ wide fabric, you can spread it out, trim if necessary, and you’re ready to go!

Cleaner Look and Feel

Nothing can beat the elegance of a seamless quilt back. Depending on your fabric, seams in the backing make small bumps or ridges. When you use 108″ wide fabric, you eliminate the need for seams on the back of your quilt, resulting in a smoother feel. A clean look allows your beautiful quilt to be the focus.

Cost-Effective Option

Finishing a quilt can sometimes get expensive, especially when using regular 45″ wide fabrics that require piecing. In contrast, 108″ wide fabric is a more cost-effective option. While the price per yard might be higher, when you compare it to the cost of purchasing multiple yards of 45″ wide fabric and then the value of the time you spend wrangling and piecing them together, you’ll find that using 108″ wide fabric is the smarter financial choice.

Efficiency for Smaller Quilts

You might think that 108″ wide fabric is only suitable for large quilts, but it’s not! Sometimes, with smaller quilts, you can fit multiple quilts across the width of fabric. This added convenience saves you time and effort, which means there’s more time for the next quilt!

Wide Range of Options

Who said using 108″ wide fabric limits your choices?! They obviously haven’t stopped by Two Chicks Quilting. There’s an abundance of beautiful wideback fabrics available, ranging from 108″ to 118″ wide, for you to choose from. Whether you prefer solids, prints, or intricate designs, we know we can help you find the perfect one to complement your quilt.

Check out this quick clip of the wide back section of our shop tour! 

Bonus Tip:

When calculating how much 108″ wide fabric you need for your quilt back, we suggest buying enough to cover the width of your quilt plus an extra 8″. Put another way, the length of your quilt plus 8” needs to be less than 108”. This additional allowance accounts for any minor adjustments you might need to make during the quilting process and ensures you have sufficient fabric for a perfect finish.

The next time you start a quilting project, consider the ease and convenience of 108″ wide fabric. Your quilts will thank you!